Senior Art Show


A band logo, like any logo, has an ingrained ability to make a statement about what it is representing. In this case it is representing the music, the band, and about the designer who created it. The logo of any band is crucial to their survival in the long run. It is the symbol that represents their style, their genre, and their statement as performers. As a graphic designer who also performs I feel that it’s important to execute that idea thoroughly. I have the luxury of using technology as my medium and expressing myself while simultaneously making a statement as if it was an advertisement. My designs symbolize who a band is and what they do. The icons I create can speak volumes as if they were turn-dials on a stereo. Through these works I am able to show that although the CD age is over, the images depicted on merchandise and album artwork are more powerful than ever. When I hear “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll,” I feel truer words were never spoken or sung, and I feel that those lyrics were an inspiration for my show. I want to express myself as an artist and designer but furthermore as an artist and designer who also perform for I feel that the relationship is symbiotic, we all work together and express together. I wanted to give an image for each band, and when people saw a certain design or font or face they knew it represented that certain music. I wanted to justify the music with my art and to make sure that happened I worked closely with each of the bands. Amplify is a visual representation of what I heard through the music. Using all of my knowledge and multiple majors & minors, I feel that I have embodied myself within my show, and I can’t believe I finished it. Rock on.